Practice Management

Two-Week Contact Lenses and When To Use Them

There are advantages of two-week contact lenses that can be beneficial for patients and practitioners. In this video, Dr. Kate Gettinger discusses when she calls upon two-week contact lenses and why. While there is a long list of reasons why many eye care professionals (ECPs) choose daily disposable contact lenses …

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Managing An Optical Made Easy With RevolutionEHR

Optical Management Made Easy With Revolution EHR

This article was written in partnership with RevolutionEHR, a proud supporter of NewGradOptometry and new graduate optometrists. 😎 Managing an optical in an optometric practice is extremely difficult.  Optometry school does not equip you with the knowledge to understand the intricacies of managing an optical like: Knowing what frames to …

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A Guide To Multifocal Contact Lenses

It’s 4:45 PM at the end of a long day and in your mind you’re halfway out the door — until you see the chief complaint on your next chart. “55-year-old with decreased vision in their monovision contacts.” You picture your hands shaking as you hold loose lenses in front …

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How RevConnect Is Improving Optometry Patient Recall


This article was written in partnership with RevolutionEHR, a supporter of NewGradOptometry & new graduate optometrists! 😎 Optometry patient recall. These are very important words to practice owners. Having the ability to contact your patients quickly, efficiently, and through multiple channels is critical to not only ensuring your schedule stays …

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Fundus Photography: What You Need to Know

What is fundus photography? Of all the diagnostic imaging modalities out our disposal, fundus photography may seem to be the most basic. Fundus photography aims to replicate what we already see with our funduscopic exam, but it can provide more than just photographic documentation. Fundus photography can improve detection, patient …

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