New Grad Success

Who Should Wear Daily Contact Lenses and Why

Daily contact lenses have a lot to offer patients. In this video, Dr. Kate Gettinger describes who should wear daily contact lenses, the advantages of dailies, and how to communicate and educate patients on them. Who should wear daily contact lenses? Dr. Gettinger suggest that some of the best candidates …

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Wage Gap In Healthcare and Optometry

Dr. Rachel Simpson, co-host of the podcast Lunch Date with Rachel and Kate, discusses the gender wage gap in optometry in this video interview. Wage gaps at the high level, are the differences between what two groups of individuals are paid. Generally, gender wage gaps are discussed in the binary, …

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What’s New in Glaucoma Medication and Diagnostics

What's New In Glaucoma Medication and Diagnostics

Dr. Patricia Fulmer, OD joined Dr. Daniel Epshtein, OD at Vision Expo East 2019 to talk about the newest trends in medical optometry and the growth of glaucoma medication and diagnostics. The evolving world of glaucoma management The eyecare industry as a whole and the methods of care available are …

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How To Become a Contact Lens Specialist

Melissa Barnett OD

Dr. Melissa Barnett discusses how to become a contact lens specialist or identify opportunities for specialization by leveraging your passions. There are many specialties in optometry – from vision therapy, to dry eye, specialty contact lenses, pediatrics, and countless other areas you can focus on or build a practice around. …

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Optometrists and Surgical Care and Co-Management

T'Sani Watson OD

Dr. T’Sani Watson discusses optometrists and surgical care and co-management in this video interview. When it comes to making referrals, communication, patient education, and having a relationship with the surgeon to whom you are referring to is key. Even though we are not performing the procedure ourselves, it is critical …

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Patient Communication Tips for Optometrists

Mario di Cosmo OD

Dr. Mario Di Cosmo shares patient communication tips for optometrists. Communication is everything. When it comes to communication in your practice and with patients, effective communication should begin with building a personal connection with the patient. By building a personal connection, this will allow you to speak their language, and …

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Top 5 Clinical Skills & Techniques for the New Grad OD


There’s no doubt that during our four years in optometry school we certainly learned our fair share of clinical skills, techniques, and procedures. It is important to remember the indications and techniques when implementing these skills and caring for our patients. Depending on our practice modality, state’s scope of practice, …

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