Managing an Insurance-Free Optometry Practice

Managing an insurance-free optometry practice

Four months before opening the doors of my own practice, I went to a local OD/OMD gathering. A group of optometrists were bemoaning insurance reimbursements when I approached them. I chimed in, “In my perfect world, I would be in a practice that doesn’t take insurance.” Everyone laughed. Little did …

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Optometry Billing, Coding, and Credentialing

At SECO, we had the chance to sit down with Eric Botts, OD, the past president of Energeyes, Inc., and the owner of OBC Billing Specialists. In this video, Matt Geller and Eric Botts talk Dr. Botts’s top three tips on optometry billing, coding, and credentialing. Tip #1: Start with …

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How to Open an Eye Clinic in a Community Health Center

Community Health Center Eye Clinic

Optometrists play an increasingly vital role in the overall health of our patients and the wellness of society as a whole. The average primary care visit today only allows for roughly 10 minutes per patient, whereas optometry visits tend to allot more time, making room to discuss health and wellness …

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Insurance Credentialing – Resource Guide for Optometrists

Four long years of grinding through school and finally there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Nothing will ever be able to compare to that feeling when you finally walked across the stage, diploma in hand. Graduation? Check. Congratulations Doctor. You can finally see patients now right? Unfortunately, you’re …

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