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The Ultimate Guide to Pupil Abnormalities

n optometry school, our professors often stress how important close observation of a patient’s pupils can be in assessing his or her ocular and systemic health. However, in every day practice, this facet of the exam can be easily overlooked, particularly if technicians are checking instead of doctors. In an effort to …

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This is How You Can Try to Stop the Progression of Myopia

As an optometrist, it is likely you are asked about myopia progression from concerned parents every day. Is there anything we can do to stop his eyes from getting worse? According to a study conducted in the United States between 1999-2004, one-third of the population is affected by myopia. In Eastern Asian countries, it …

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Enlighten Your Patients With Transitions Lenses

How much do you really know about Transitions lenses? I’ll be honest, I did not realize how very little I knew before last weekend’s Transitions Academy in Orlando, FL. I’ve never considered Transitions lenses for anyone other than light sensitive individuals. In fact, it was a discussion that I rarely had in …

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