Optometry and the Art of Refraction

We all likely remember (despite how we try to forget…) the refraction we performed during optometry school practicals: A rote machination through confused retinoscopy, Jackson crossed-cylinder, Draconian plus-pushing, and probable contemplation of why we didn’t enter podiatry instead. We also recall our horror on the first day of providing care …

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My 5 Favorite Contact Lenses for 2016

Here are the top 5 contact lenses that I routinely prescribe. I have found that these lenses tend to accommodate the specific needs and preferred wear modality of a majority of my patients. I’ll also share with you why I generally find myself utilizing these contact lenses over the plethora of options …

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First Annual Contact Lens Madness 2016

January marks contact lens month for NGO. Our goal is to bring you content that can provide you with information and clinical pearls you can utilize as you grow in your career. We also want to have some fun! Think of this as a precursor to March Madness, just in the world …

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