Best Artificial Tears for 2018

This ODs 6 Best Artificial Tears for 2018

I think it is a good exercise for all optometrists to head to their nearest grocery store and go to the eyedrop aisle. Prepare to be overwhelmed and to spend about 10 minutes to read each of the brands and many options available to our patients. A lot of these …

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Diagnosing Convergence Insufficiency as a Primary Care OD

diagnosing convergence insufficiency as a primary care od

The diagnostic battery for Convergence Insufficiency (CI) is remarkably simple, making it an easy addition to even the tightest exam sequence. Before diving into diagnosis, it’s important to first review definitions. What is Convergence Insufficiency? Dr. Jeff Cooper, who has contributed heavily to the current literature on evidence-based treatment of …

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7 Ways Sleep Apnea Affects Ocular Health

Sleep apnea

Almost everyone has either seen or is aware of the scene in Star Wars where Darth Vader holds out his hand and uses the Force to strangle a commander while Vader states, “I find your lack of faith disturbing.” Imagine this same thing happening to someone hundreds of times per …

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Top 5 Optometric Treatments for Traumatic Brain Injury

optometric treatments for traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a serious concern for patients of all ages. Fortunately, most patients recover completely within the first few weeks of a mild head injury. However, 10-15% have lingering symptoms which can prevent them from returning to school and work. An optometric evaluation can help to uncover …

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