Best Allergy Drops of 2019

best allergy eye drops 2019

There are three important things to consider when selecting allergy medications: efficacy, dosing, and unfortunately, insurance coverage. Efficacy and dosing are extremely important for patient compliance. When permitted by insurance, I will prescribe a drop that only needs to be dosed once per day with the highest concentration of medication …

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Two-Week Contact Lenses and When To Use Them

There are advantages of two-week contact lenses that can be beneficial for patients and practitioners. In this video, Dr. Kate Gettinger discusses when she calls upon two-week contact lenses and why. While there is a long list of reasons why many eye care professionals (ECPs) choose daily disposable contact lenses …

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Everything You Need to Know About Autologous Serum Eye Drops

autologous serum eye drops

Autologous serum has been used to treat ocular surface disease since at least as early as 1975; then it was applied to the corneas of various patients via a mobile constant perfusion pump.1 An eye drop formulation was first described in 1984 was used successfully to treat keratoconjunctivitis sicca.2 In …

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The Best Anti-reflective Coatings of 2019

best anti-reflective coatings of 2019

What is an anti-reflective coat? An anti-reflective coat is a layer applied to glasses to improve your vision, reduce glare, and eye strain, and improve the appearance. The coating reduces reflections from the front and back surface of lenses to improve activities such as night driving and computer use. When …

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Clinical Pearls From National Vision’s 2019 Continuing Education Symposium

National Vision's 2019 Continuing Education Symposium

This article was written in collaboration with National Vision, a proud supporter of NewGradOptometry and new graduate optometrists. Clinical Pearls From National Vision’s 2019 Continuing Education Symposium Introduction by Antonio Chirumbolo, OD. Optometry continuing education is something that simply comes with the job. After graduating from optometry school, you are …

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The Best Contact Lens Solutions of 2019

best contact solutions 2019

As practitioners, we must be aware that our contact lens brand and modality choice, as well as the solution combination, are vital to patient comfort. Patient discomfort (burning, stinging) can directly correlate with staining of the cornea. Since today’s practitioners are fitting dailies at increasing rates, the battle between market …

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