Dry Eye Before and After Cataract Surgery

Matt Geller, OD sat down with Emily Evans, OD to discuss the importance of dry eye evaluations and treatments when it comes to comprehensive patient care. We all need to consider dry eye As Dr. Geller states, if you’re in the cataract and refractive space, it’s almost essential for you …

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Navigating the Costs of Contact Lenses

Our goal as optometrists is to help our patients see better. We want to find a solution that accomplishes this goal while making the patient happy. Sometimes, the main barrier is the cost. The costs of contact lenses – are they worth the price? Upon hearing the initial price of …

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Contact Lens Solution Options and Considerations

Contact lens solution can dramatically impact the success of a patient’s contact lens wearing experience. Multi-purpose solution affects contact lens wear because it can affect the ocular surface. The tear film is extremely delicate, and as we know, a healthy tear film is critical to not only comfort in contact …

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Optometry School Is Changing

When we talk about changes in optometry, it is important to look beyond just practicing ODs, but look at where a lot of that journey begins and takes place which is in optometry school. Emilie Seitz discusses the changes in optometry and what optometry school is like now, particularly in …

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Who Should Wear Daily Contact Lenses and Why

Daily contact lenses have a lot to offer patients. In this video, Dr. Kate Gettinger describes who should wear daily contact lenses, the advantages of dailies, and how to communicate and educate patients on them. Who should wear daily contact lenses? Dr. Gettinger suggest that some of the best candidates …

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Best Eye Vitamins of 2019

best eye vitamins of 2019

Each day, as optometrists, our patients ask us about ways they can protect their eyes or improve their vision. It can sometimes take more than a new glasses prescription. Vitamins and supplements can be important in improving the sight of our patients, and are often forgotten when addressing patient needs. …

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