3 Catastrophic Optometry Career Errors

Early on in your optometry career, it can be difficult to find your footing. Experience is something that comes with time as you progress through your optometry career. It is important to remember that making mistakes is common and will always provide as a learning opportunity. There are however some …

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Optometry in Europe – My German Experience

Millennials are called a lot of things, but recent attention has been turned to our obsession with traveling. Coined the Wanderlust generation, it’s estimated that millennials make up roughly 20% of international travel. However, for many new doctors the sharp reality of student loan debt often means postponing the trips …

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Guide To Optometry Residency Preparation

Congratulations, Residents! You’ve made it past ‘The Match’ and are now ready to begin an exciting journey with a new optometry residency program. Amongst the 11 areas of emphasis, you have found what drives your passion and amongst the 235 ACOE accredited residency programs, found the one that supports it. …

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