New Graduate Optometrist Career Advice

new graduate optometrist career advice

We asked Dr. Scott Jens, co-founder and CEO of Rev360, to share new graduate optometrist career advice. He brought up the Disney principles (from Walt Disney’s book, The Disney Way): “Dream, Believe, Dare, and Do.” For Dr. Jens, it’s the “Dare” part of the equation that is most important for …

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The New Grad OD’s Transition from the US to Canada

optometry in Canada and new grad's transition from US to Canada

As an optometry graduate from the United States, my thought was to settle down in the States and join a private practice. Moving back to Toronto has been an eye-opener with regards to the differences in the health care systems. Those studying in the States and planning to practice optometry …

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Getting Started In Nursing Home Optometry

getting started in nursing home optometry

The thought of caring for people who reside in nursing homes never really crossed my mind until I stumbled upon this mode of practice, which I’ll call nursing home optometry, via a career listing on a website. I was looking for a position for a few days per week to …

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The New Grad’s Guide to OD/MD Practice

The New Grad's Guide to OD/MD Practice

As recent graduates scan the horizon for their next professional move, there’s a good chance an opportunity to practice within an ophthalmology OD/MD group setting will arise. With the U.S. population expanding annually by over 2 million people1 and today’s baby boomer population exceeding 70 million,2 ophthalmologists (OMDs) are depending …

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Journey to Pearle Vision Franchise Owner

Journey To Pearle Vision Franchise Owner

This is a sponsored post by Luxottica, a supporter of NewGradOptometry & new graduate optometrists! 😎  I’ve had a lot of experience working in corporate optometry, from employee to franchise owner. I’ll share why I chose to open a franchise, and why I chose to do so with Pearle Vision. What …

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Should Optometrists Get an MBA?

At Vision Expo East, Dr. Patricia Fulmer and Dr. Cory Hakanen sat down to discuss why and when optometrists should consider going for an MBA. Hakanen got into optometry because he was drawn to the combination of science and human interaction, but as he began practicing he noticed that he …

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