Career Tips for New Graduate OD’s – Video Interview with Dr. Scot Morris

In this video interview, filmed at Vision Expo East, Scot Morris, O.D., F.A.A.O talks tips for new graduate optometrists starting new careers.

There can be a lot of pressure and anxiety after graduating and starting your first job in “real world.”

There are attributes and traits that some employers look for in applicants. One of those traits can be a desire to learn. We will all make mistakes, but learning from mistakes is key, especially early on in one’s career.

Watch Scot Morris O.D. talk more about learning from failures in this video:

Key Tips for New Grad Optometrists Starting a New Job

When starting a new job at a practice, it is really important for new graduate optometrists to listen and observe.

Once you’ve understood how a practice operates and functions, then you can begin to offer advice on how to change things or improve things in that practice. You do not want to immediately begin offering opinions on practice policies or procedures, or attempting to leave a footprint on the practice.

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Scot Morris O.D. reveals how long that “waiting period” is in this video:

How New Graduate Optometrists Can Understand Retail

When joining a new practice, one thing that will be expected of you is doctor driven dispensing. It can be difficult in the beginning as you are not used to “selling” things, and have no knowledge of the retail aspect of Optometry.

Scot Morris O.D. tells you what you need to know to prepare:

Top 3 Things New Graduate Optometrists Need to Understand

As you begin to get comfortable in your career and in the practice you join, you’ll need to develop an understanding of how a practice and business functions.

There are 3 critical elements that new graduate optometrists need to become familiar with:

  1. How to Communicate
  2. Business Metrics
  3. Understanding Analytics

Learn more in this video:

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