The California Optometry State Board Law Exam: Everything You Need to Know

Graduation was phenomenal; we threw our hats in the area, celebrated with family and friends and immediately broke out study notes for the California Optometry State Board Exam.

I bet you are in this exact situation right? Well I am here to ease your worries and give you some tools and advice to do well.

I personally really enjoyed studying for the California Optometry State Board Exam. It made me really confident about my future as a California O.D. My biggest tip is study this stuff from the standpoint of “this is going to make me better” and have a true interest in it.

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Matthew Geller
Dr. Matt Geller is a technology entrepreneur with a track record of developing successful online platforms to solve problems in the healthcare space. Matt is an optometrist in San Diego and is the founder of, and the co-founder of!


  1. Hello,
    I am scheduled to take the California law exam soon and I went through all the resources mentioned through the Licensing Archives. They are all very helpful and an awesome supplement the hefty study guide/law book. I was wondering, if there is a resource somewhere which distinguishes Felony vs. Misdemeanor vs Unprofessonal Conduct and provides a list of acts that fall under this.
    I made my own list for Felonies and Misdemeanors but I feel there is a lot of overlap between Misdemeanor and Unprofessional Conduct and I keep getting kinda stumped by some questions in the practice tests.

    Also, Does the California Law Exam have questions with multiple answers?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you once again for these amazing resources.

    • Matthew Geller

      Hey! unfortunately, no such resource exists and NGO has not developed this. Can you develop this and then share it with us for others to use? I remember that there was lots of overlap on those questions, so you aren’t going crazy lol. There are no multiple answer questions. Keep in touch!

  2. Hey Dr, Geller, thank you for the tips, very helpful indeed.
    I have scheduled the law exam in 2 weeks from now. While going through the “California laws and regulations guide”, I did not come across any rules about referral or consulting etc. So I was worried if I was wasting my time, studying the wrong material. It will be very helpful if you could share the link to the correct “rules and regulations guide”.
    Thanks once again for all the help and resources

  3. and please tell me what is Dr.C’s chart? ( I am a foreign graduate, so am not aware of it!)

  4. Peter

    Hi Matt,
    I’m planning on writing the law exam soon.
    Thank you for compiling the information on how to prepare. I’m wondering if there is another source besides your website with a larger reach for asking a group of new grads what they thought of the exam and their prep process. Not to devalue your excellent analysis but only to grab a larger perspective.
    Questions like…
    How much of the 250 pages are really tested on as the lawyer jargon is a pain in the butt to get through?
    Is there a study guide the students have access to that guys like me practicing for awhile won’t?
    And other things they may be able to share for the year 2016.

    • Matthew Geller

      Hey there Peter!

      To be honest, I have not found any other resources on the exam, but I do have 3 other articles on the topic that you will find at the bottom of this post. I think you need to skim the main board review book with some of it needing to be completely memorized. Once you start studying it will be easier to determine what’s what.

      It you find any other resources let me know!

  5. Melanie Jankowski

    What is the score required to pass the CA law exam?

  6. Melanie Jankowski

    Do you have any other sources for practice tests for the California Law exam?

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