The Business Plan I Made to Land My First Optometry Job

In this article I will cover

  1. How to make a great looking pitch that will help you land your next optometry job
  2. How to use this pitch / business plan to get a raise with your current optometry job

My story goes like this

I am from New York, but 6 months before I graduated I decided I wanted to move to San Diego. This meant I had to re-think how I was going to quickly find a job. To do it, I used my network of connections. You can read about the full experience here – How I Used My Connections to Land an OD Job.

To make a long story short, I had a really strong opportunity with Dr. Eric White of Complete Family Vision Care. Eric wasn’t going to just hire me. I had to show him that I was worth the investment for his practice. Think about it and put yourself in the owner’s shoes. Is bringing on an employee at an average of $40.00/hr worth it for an optometry business? If this new OD doesn’t do anything for your practice, they will be a massive burden on cash flow and that is terrible for your business.

So with this being the case, it is your job as the new optometrist to show the practice owner that you can bring positive cash flow.

How to bring positive cash flow

Ask yourself this – what are you going to do as a new graduate to be a positive force for business cash flow? The answers include some of the following.

  • You will see more patients
  • You will dispense more materials
  • You will bill more medical
  • You will sell more products
  • You will expand office hours
  • You will use your spare time to do a job that the owner would have needed to do himself or paid someone else to do

How to create your hybrid business plan / pitch

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