How to Become a VSP Provider – Optometry

Out of all the insurance plans I signed up for, VSP was the easiest, here’s why.

  • VSP had the fastest turn around time with my application
  • It was very easy to enroll as a VSP provider
  • It is the easiest to submit claims in a multi-doctor practice
  • They have the best resources for understanding your claims and patients

Step-by-Step Guide to Become a VSP Provider


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  1. Jonathan Gerard

    Thanks for all the helpful information! I’m now out of school 6 months and have joined CAQH and Medicare. Is there anything else I need to do at this point? Am i currently on all major providers’ insurance panels or do I need to contact each of the insurances that the company I’m working for takes and do an extra step?

    • Matthew Geller

      Great question @Jonathan. It sounds like you are doing everything perfectly. I would say you need to try seeing some patients, submitting a few claims and checking to make sure everything is flowing through. If it is, you are all good!

      • Chelsea Heck

        So, if you’re registered under CAQH, you can bill to most insurances including secondary insurances to Medicare? Or do I need to apply for those as well? I submitted to Medicare and VSP this week and have completed CAQH. Any other insurances I should apply for or are they covered?

  2. If you work at an MD practice do you still need to be on Medicare if the MD is?

  3. How does it work if you fill in at multiple sites? Can you ever get on VSP? I am currently a fill in doctor and waiting to get a part time job at OMD practice as pervious comment mentions but, I am sure they would like me to be on medicare and VSP. How does it work for a. Fill in docs, and b. for new docs that get a job with MD practice?

    • Courtney Dryer

      You can only be on VSP if your employer owns 50% or more share of the optical. Is there a billing coordinator at the practice? They will be able to provide you with the information. In order to be on VSP you have to answer questions regarding optical ownership and you must report their fees for both exam procedures and hardware. You will need to talk to someone at the practice for this information. If the practice already bills to VSP, they may just be able to add your NPI number to their existing tax ID.

  4. Christine Jackson

    Thanks for the helpful instructions. Are there any resources for determining/filling out the Confidential Fee Survey VSP requires? Particularly for the lens services. Thanks!

  5. The article says you must be established with a practice to be a VSP provider… what happens if you leave a practice to open your own? Will your provider status transfer?

    • Matthew Geller

      Hey Lindsey – your provider status will not “auto-transfer” you must contact VSP to let them know you are making a change. I believe it is processed through Eyefinity.

      Awesome to hear you might open cold!! You should write an article about your experience here!


    • Lindsey,

      I agree with Matt’s response.

      To become a VSP provider as an owner, there are specific guidelines/requirements such as owning the optical dispensary area (minimum of 51%) and having at least a minimum of 200 frames in the optical dispensary area. Owner doctors must provide routine vision care a minimum of 8 hrs/week in a combination of no more than 2 offices. Each office location must be staffed and opened for minimum of 16 hrs/wk.

  6. Heather Pierce

    2 questions:

    1. Can I be a VSP provider if I’m affiliated with a retail store and do not have optical ownership?

    2. I have a medicare number from being employed by an MD, but I am leaving to do a sole prop start-up…do I need a new medicare number for the new practice, and do I need to reassign benefits to that new number?? How does that work?

    • Matthew Geller

      Hey Heather! Really good questions, here are my 2 cents, but I think it would be best to check directly with VSP. You can call them at 800.877.7195. That is their member services line, but you can still try to get through to providers.

      Regarding your medicare number, there are really 2 numbers from my understanding. There is your PERSONAL medicare number and then the practices medicare number which is called the PTAN number. So you don’t need a new medicare number, but you will need to get a PTAN for your new practice. You can call Medicare and tell them you want to reassign benefits to the new PTAN.

      If this works out, can you come back and confirm so in the comments? Thanks Dr. Pierce!!


  7. Jillian

    If I am joining an already established practice, do I need to set up my own credentialing with each insurance company or can I just submit claims under the practice name? I have submitted for a Type 1 NPI number, but will I also need a Type 2? If I have completed CAQH, do I need to also apply individually for each insurance company? Thank you for your help!

    • Antonio Chirumbolo

      Hi Jilian, I am no expert, but based on the last YouTube Live discussion we hosted with Credentialing expert Eric Botts – you cannot submit claims under that practice. That practice would need to add you as a provider (along with credentialing) under them so you could submit claims. The NPI number you have is still okay.
      Hope that helps!

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