Audio Education – A Review of the Cranial Nerves


NGO proudly presents our first audio education series, a review of the cranial nerves. 

Whether preparing for boards or simply refreshing your memory, this brief review on cranial nerves will hopefully provide you with some beneficial information.

We’ve highlighted the most important function of each cranial nerve, and decided an audio clip may enable our users to review this important information on the go. This can be downloaded and used however and whenever you’d like!

We ask that you comment below on how we can improve this tool. Did you like the format? Was it terribly boring? Would you prefer different topics? Feedback good or bad is greatly appreciated!

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Antonio Chirumbolo
Antonio Chirumbolo, OD, is Associate Director of Marketing at CovalentCareers. Antonio's focus is in the world of digital publications and healthcare marketing, with special attention on content creation, management, and development.


  1. Matthew Geller (DrGeller O.D.)

    This is great stuff! I would love if you can make it a podcast or on iTunes so that I can listen in my car.

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