You Can Attend the 2014 Vision Expo East (with 6 hours of CE) for Free

When it comes to free stuff, I do not mess around

That is why I joined the Vision Expo – Young Professionals Club.



Are you an OD who has been out of school for less than 5 years? If so, this is what you are about to get, fo’ free!

  1. FREE Exhibit Hall Entry to International Vision Expo East and West, a $150 value
  2. Six FREE hours of continuing education at International Vision Expo East and West, a $263 value
  3. Onsite events for club members at Vision Expo East and West
  4. Subscription to New OD magazine
  5. Enrollment to Allergan OPTOMETRY JUMPSTART®
  6. Subscription to Vision Voice, a monthly e-newsletter for eyecare professionals
  7. International Vision Expo mug

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Why I joined the Young Professionals Club

Is it not obvious? There are 2 main reasons I joined the Vision Expo Young Professionals Club.

Reason 1: Continuing education is a necessity to maintain your optometry license

In California I am required to do a bunch of CE every 2 years. The law requires licensed optometrists who are TPA certified to complete 50 hours of CE every license period (2 years), 35 of which must be in the diagnosis, treatment and management of ocular disease.

On top of that optometrists that are glaucoma certified are required to complete 10 hours of glaucoma specific continuing education every license renewal period.

Lets do some math

  • 1 hour of CE = ~ $44.00 (this # is derived by considering average industry prices and AOA member and non-member costs)
  • 50 hours of CE required per 2 years = $2,200
  • 6 hours of free CE at Vision Expo East Value= $263
  • 6 hours of free CE at Vision Expo West Value= $263
  • Total Value of CE Thanks to Young Professionals Club Per Year = $526
  • Total Value of CE Thanks to Young Professions Club over 5 years = $2,630
  • % of Money Saved by Joining Young Professionals Club = 47%

So there you go. You save $2,630 over 5 years, which is a 47% discount for continuing education. Thanks, I am going to take that money and put it towards my 6.8% interest loan and save another $1,000 in interest over 5 years. So thats a total savings of $3,630 thanks to Vision Expo.

Reason 2: Networking is essential to become a better, more profitable OD

The people I have met at vision expo tend to be the money makers, the game changers and the most fun people to hang around. Without a doubt, vision expo allows me to be part of the action.

The top ways I like to network are a bit unconventional – here are some off the top of my head

  1. Make friends with some of the top-dogs and ask them to get a drink at a local venue or get an early coffee the following day.
  2. Exchange business cards and e-mail them immediately from your phone with your plans to collaborate together.
  3. Share your ideas and your ventures to test their interest in being a possible supporter or investor.
  4. Find the top-dogs and ask them what projects they are working on – tell them you will offer your expertise for free.

I bet if you tried any one of these recommendations it would be a game-changer for you. Try it and if it doesn’t bring you any benefit I will personally consult with you to help you out.

What I expect to do at Vision Expo East

I will do the standard stuff for sure.

  1. Check out the newest diagnostic equipment
  2. Check out the hottest frames / lens technology
  3. Get free samples and promo products- hahah of course right?

Here is some stuff just for the Young Professionals Club.

Friday, March 28
8:00pm – 9:00pm
Young Professionals Club Member Reception
Location: B.B. King’s
Mingle with your peers and other industry professionals.

Friday, March 28
9:00pm – 1:00am
Bad Habits Concert
Location: B.B. Kings
Mingle with your peers and industry professionals as you rock out to the Bad Habits “Eyedocs of Rock”.

Saturday, March 29
8:00pm – 10:00pm
Young Professionals Club Party
Location: The Paramount Hotel, 2nd Floor
Join your fellow club members for food and drinks.

The continuing education I am doing

This is CE delivered by the best in the business. I am pretty excited!

  1. Everything You Never Wanted to Know About the Mites That Live, Eat and Crawl on Your Lids
  2. Glaucoma Billing and Coding
  3. OCT in the Diagnosis and Monitoring of Glaucoma
  4. Obama Care: Which Insurance Plans Do I Take?

Lets meet up at the show

We should meet up at the show! The team will all be wearing navy blue fleece with the NGO logo on it. It would be awesome to meet you and hang out at the trade show together. We will be at all 3 events listed above so you can meet us there for sure.

By the way, our team will TOTALLY answer all your questions if you comment below!

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