Artificial Intelligence in Eye Care

Dr. Bryan Rogoff discusses artificial intelligence in eye care in this video interview.

Healthcare is changing, and optometry is changing with it. New technology is emerging that uses artificial intelligence (A.I.) to detect disease states.

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Artificial intelligence in eye care has already taken shape utilizing fundus photography to capture the retinal vasculature and then run an analysis to determine risk or presence of diabetes. Artificial intelligence is now being for glaucoma detection, and interestingly enough, cardiovascular disease by looking at retinal vasculature.

Sometimes this technology can be thought of as disruptive, but it can provide a massive service to patients and optometrists alike.

Like with any technology, there will be growth curves, and it’s important for ODs to follow this learning curve so that we can incorporate it into our practices and ensure we’re always offering the best possible eye care.

When it comes to changes in reimbursement models and we begin to consider value based care, there is a huge opportunity for using A.I. to improve outcomes and thus obtain higher reimbursements. It is critical that optometrists begin looking into this technology and at the very least learn about it.

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