Applications of Tea Tree Oil for Ocular Disease – Video Interview

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There are incredible benefits of tea tree oil for the eyes and skin.

Tea tree oil has an abundance of practical uses in health care and optometry.

While prescription strength medications are essential and often indicated for the treatment of different ocular conditions, it is exciting to be able to have a non-prescription option to treat a plethora of conditions that involve the eyes and surrounding tissue.

In this video interview, Suzanne Paulson, founder of Eye Eco, shares her passion for tea tree oil (TTO) and how it has been increasingly used in the treatment and management of ocular disease.

Find out:

  • What conditions tea tree oil is commonly utilized for and how it is being used
  • Why dry eye has become increasingly prevalent over the years
  • How Eye Eco can help provide a remedy to patients suffering from these conditions
Read more about TTO and how it is being used in medicine and optometry.


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