2017 Optometry EHR Study – Apple AirPods + Starbucks Giveaway

Hey there,

Matt Geller OD here, founder of NewGradOptometry.com. My team and I are pretty annoyed that there is very little free and public data about our profession and it’s trends that are easily accessible in one place. Lots of studies are done, but often they areDr. Matt Geller expensive, not public, or the graphs and charts are buried and difficult to find.

We’re on a mission to fix that.

For the last year we’ve been running studies and compiling the data into free, public, mobile-friendly, and easily understandable charts and graphs. It’s been a massive project and I am happy to say it’s almost done and that we’ll be launching in Q4.

Today we’re running the next segment of our study; Optometry EHRs. It’s only a 3-4 min study.

We’re giving away a brand new pair of Apple AirPod headphones and $400 in Starbucks gift cards. Just complete the study, and we will randomly pick the winners and will e-mail you a digital Starbucks Gift Card within 48 hours.

Your chances of winning? Pretty high… Let’s do some math

  • We have roughly 9,500 members on our member email list
  • Our average industry click rate is about 4.8% or so
  • That means about 456 people will click the link
  • Probably 50% will actually complete the study
  • That means only 228 people will finish the study
  • That means you have a 35.08% chance of winning Apple AirPods or a Starbucks Gift Card

Thanks for being a fan of NGO, whether you’re a new reader or if you’ve been with us since day one!

Matt Geller OD

Take The Study

Here is some data from our 2016 study that you might find interesting! Please help us with our optometry EHR study. We’ll publish the data from all of our studies in Q4! Take the 2017 study now!

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